Sunday, July 18, 2021

Honeymoon In Our Backyard Bahamas

A couple of weeks ago was the much anticipated weddings and reception (read about that here). It's only natural to have a honeymoon this week! Everyone was invited (because who doesn't want 13 of your closest daycare friends to accompany you on your honeymoon??). There was a "beach," "ocean," and even beach ball volleyball. All of our seafood and tropical fruit eating happened the previous week when the honeymoon was actually supposed to take place. 

Of course, the day of this honeymoon, the brides and grooms chose to build Legos and dress up in costumes. All typical of these honeymooners! 

The canine was thrilled with the new "beach" set up. Luckily, he was at the vet all day, so the kids didn't have to worry about sharing the sand.

"I have to go to swimming lessons before the honeymoon." - Harrison. We waited for them to return before we began the activities.

They played a bit of beach ball volleyball and soaked their feet, then went back into the basement to build "a color coded Lego town."

Eventually, the costumes won and kids went out to play beach ball volleyball in costumes. Then, they came back in and performed dance routines for the "king and queen," or the "bride and groom" of the day.

Yes, she's using a play phone to pretend to take a video of the dances.

I can't wait to see how they're ACTUAL honeymoons will be some day!