Monday, July 19, 2021

No Syrup Ever Again


Pictured: pancakes from our Pancake Bar, which somehow, did not involve syrup getting everywhere around my house.

Monday mornings require pancakes. Or some other delectable food offering to start the week, but today was pancakes. Obviously one of the most preferred pancake toppings is syrup. I've served pancakes with syrup a thousand times, but today, the kids must have made it their mission to get syrup everywhere but their pancakes.

Naturally, some spilled on the counter. Whatever. It wasn't until the kids were done that syrup turned up in some weird spots: splattered across the kitchen floor, on the bottom of a sock and in between two toes still inside the sock, underneath an armpit of a fully clothed child, inside an ear, tracked across the hallway, along the hallway wall (that leads into the bathroom), and then my favorte, on the top of a child's eyelid. I was in charge of pouring each child's syrup, so it's not like they were given an abundance of syrup. I actually gave them very little!

But judging how much syrup was found across my house and on body parts, you would have thought the sensory activity for the week was a pool of syrup! It's not, just for the record. It's a flower sensory bin with rice....that stuck to the children's feet that were covered in syrup. Basically, my fun morning breakfast turned into a cleaning spree for that I had just done last night. Happy, happy, Monday. I can't wait to see what else this week will surprise me with!