Monday, July 12, 2021

Mom and Minis Weekend

When the minis were little, they had me. Me all of the time. I worked from home, my work involved them, and I didn't work weekends. My husband, their dad, worked evenings, sometimes bringing work home with him, and worked most weekends. Those Saturdays we dubbed Mom and Minis Days and we'd have great adventures. Well, great adventures for a mom and three young (infant, toddler, preschool ages) kids. There were so many zoo visits, donut shop stops, farmers markers, splash pads, shopping excursions, events, day trips. Other Saturdays we'd choose to stay home and lounge around, napping, baking, and playing. No matter what, it was me and them and (occasionally) a lot of stress.

It was hard at the time, especially when the minis were really little, but now that we don't get those Mom and Minis Days often, it's time that I miss and look back on fondly....minus that one dirty diaper incident from my youngest. I never want to look back fondly on her poop smeared crib and walls while I fought with the other two to get dressed. Anways, maybe it's because the minis were raised with regular Mom and Minis Days, but when it's just me around, they listen sooo much better, they help out soooo much more, and there's a different vibe around. I don't say this in any way against my husband, because now that he's around in the evenings and on the weekends, it's made things soooo much easier on me.

However, when Hubs mentioned going away with friends for a weekend, I excitedly told him he must go. The minis and I were long overdo for some time "just us." Naturally, the first day had to be spent doing things that needed to be done (like a vet appointment, where the fur child hid in the corner), but it was all wonderful! We spent time curled up on the sofas together watching movies, we anxiously watched a hail storm move in, we had a day of hiking and adventuring around northwest Iowa, and we even got all of the chores done.

There's a huge difference between then and now: I didn't feel alone once all weekend long. When the minis were small, it was easy to feel alone and accompanied at the same time. When a thousand things were happening at once, it was up to me to deal with it. This time around, the minis are older. There weren't meltdowns about an unexpected trip to the grocery store, nap times to worry about, or me being the only one who could do anything. The minis are actually helpful. They can do things they couldn't do just a few short years ago. It's life altering. I knew we had hit that stage of bliss, but the weekend was a beautfiul, breezy, surprise. It was wonderful.

In truth, I used this weekend as a test to see how our fall travels would go. I'm planning some epic trips this fall, but Hubs has to work. It will be myself, three minis, and our dog traveling across the country to see the sites, do the things, and learn about life. As I began planning last month, I was a bit nervous doing it alone. At this point, judging from our weekend, I'm excited and have no trepidations traveling the far distances alone with my children. All because of our Mom and Minis Weekend.