Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Olympics Monday: Shooting


The much anticipated 2020 Olympic Games began Friday in Tokyo. We're celebrating the Olympics with our own Daycare Olympic Games. Each day we have a new event to participate in, all while the actual Olympic games play on the TV. The games were on ALL day yesterday, with the kids paying attention to all of the events and scores. 

Monday we put our plethora of Nerf guns to use with our shooting event. I bought a Nerf target for the kids to aim at, while each child got three tries in two rounds. At the end of the two rounds, we tallied up the scores. The oldest and one of the youngest won gold and silver medals (that the kids made for each other). It was such a fun and simple activity that the kids LOVED. They asked to have third and fourth rounds, but we didn't get around to that happening (due to a crazy game of You've Got Crabs being played).

Waiting patiently for their turns while watching the games on TV.


My favorite parts of this activity was listening to the kids decide which country they were representing and how they cheered each other on. There were a few kids who never hit the target, but everyone cheered and congratulated them on their good shooting.