Sunday, July 4, 2021

Daycare Weddings And A Reception

 I don't lack creativity and neither do my daycare kiddos! They love planning things and have gotten impressively good at things. I do have to mention things here and there, but for the most part, I do what I've always done: get toys/activities/etc. set out and let the kids play with them however they'd like. This time, the kids chose to do a party. A wedding followed by a reception, to be exact.

The bigs thought of everything! There were shopping lists, a wedding playlist on Amazon Music, menus, and a schedule of events. They did a great job and the morning was great! I had three little boys who were quite confused about what was happening, but they went along with things...likely for the cupcakes and juice on the other side of the wedding!

Thankfully, I had a surplus of white table cloths because we used them for everything: as the aisle, as a back drop for the photo booth, and to cover the red canopy. Why did we cover the red canopy you ask? Well, because their wedding colors were black and white, so "the red canopy doesn't go with our colors at all." As I said, they thought of everything!

They created seating with little chairs (from inside) and deck chairs. I had a fresh bouquet of flowers from our yard. The flowers were sitting on my table one minute and the next minute they were petal-less. This was a double wedding day, but the weddings were performed back to back because the brides didn't want to share the spotlight (no surprise here). Because there were two weddings, that meant there were multiple flower girls. The flowers had to be handed out evenly, so they all had the same amount to throw!

Then I noticed the oldest. Pokemon socks and Keens, walking down the aisle. He was the photographer.

One of my favorite parts of the entire "wedding" was when this young groom set the ring ON TOP of his bride's hand instead of on her finger! Eh, close enough. 

Zeus made an appearance at wedding number 2 (there were wardrobe changes and the dog needed to pee). He quickly discovered the chocolates on the table.

The rules of the bouquet toss: anyone and everyone could try to catch it. Including the other bride. I loved their made up rules about the wedding reception!

I snuck in one surprise for the wedding: sparklers on the requested red velvet cupcakes! The sparklers and cupcakes were both well received.

The unexpected toast from one of the grooms (also, my middle mini). He was giving big Gatsby vibes. 

Not pictured are the above bridge and groom feeding each other wedding cupcakes, posing for photobooth pictures, kissing (with masks on), and the other bride and groom bringing out their daughter, Emma Cheetah. It was quite the celebration! At the end of the day, I was most thankful for the kid's creativity, the littles going along with the shenanigans, and my storage of party supplies!