Thursday, July 15, 2021

I No Longer Have Keep Track Of My Cycle


I'm not laughing at you if you have to keep track of yours. It's just so glorious that I don't have to that I can't help but smile about it!

No, this is not a pregnancy announcement, nor is it because I have a medical issue. I no longer keep track of my cycle because I no longer have to. My husband voluntarily got a vasectomy (nearly) nine years ago after our youngest was born. Being in a monogamous relationship, I have not had to worry about getting pregnant for nine years now.

So, when I sat in my doctor's office for an appointment and they asked me the date of my last period was, I had no clue. The nurse looked at me and then proceeded to ask me a slew of other questions, "just to rule everything out." She had misunderstood the confused look I gave her when I said my "I have no clue." I looked at my calendar to figure it out because I didn't want to sit through five extra minutes of the questions. I'll be honest, the only reason I got a date was because we've been swimming a lot lately, my cups were being cleaned, and I had to use a tampon for the first time in years.

Life after my husband's vasectomy has been wonderful and freeing. For me. I'm sure for him too, but you'll have to ask him about his experiences. Not only is our sex life on fire after 13 years of marriage,  but it's truly freeing to not worry about getting pregnant. I no longer keep track of my cycle in any way. I don't worry if my period is a few days late because the chances of me being pregnant are slim to none...oh, and I actually never know if my period is a few days late. I've definitely noticed it being a couple of weeks late (due to stress), but my periods have always been like clockwork.

Maybe it's age or not worrying about any form of birth control, but my hormones have leveled out. I no longer have crazy periods; they're short and fairly simple minus some blood clots that I've developed. I haven't suffered from PMS in years. Did I mention our sex life? I like to say it's because we know ourselves, our bodies, and each other better, but the vasectomy has also played a part in having a great sex life. No longer keeping track of my cycle, no longer needing to, has been freeing. I can't imagine still thinking about that in my late thirties. Whenever a good majority of my friends bring up birth control, I find that I can't relate. I'm so far out of the birth control game that I don't even know what's offered. It's one of those conversations I have to sit back, listen to, and cannot offer one thing other than, "I don't keep track of my periods." I typically get glared at for that one.

This isn't a 'jump on the vasectomy bandwagon' post, I promise. It's more of a 'I'm super happy I don't have to keep track of my cycle.' It's glorious.