Monday, July 5, 2021

Beautiful Memories


[Our very own fireworks display. The figure on the ground with a lighter is my husband, in a fire resistant suit, lighting the fireworks.]

We've been to amazing places in America to celebrate Independence Day. Hiking the Appalachian Trail, at a midnight parade in a mountain town, at carnivals, walking through Arlington Cemetery, watching fireworks next to the Washington Monument, berry picking at a farm, laying on a beach. It's all been magical, but there was a special recipe for one specific year. It's spoken about fondly each time a mini brings it up.

It was 2018. We were at our usual (unless we're out adventuring) 4th of July celebration at my aunt and uncle's house in a rural town. The minis start each party with a giant slip n' slide down the hill in the backyard. We eat homemade food around the table as we chat. Then we watch fireworks. At this particular 4th party, we lit our very own fireworks. A combination of things and people we love in one night made it magical.

Last night we re-created that special memory and made an even better one. It takes an extra special recipe to out-do the first one. My heart is full and content, the minis happy, enough to last us until next July. Will we dare try to create an even more special night, will we adventure to a magical place? No matter which way we go, we'll create beautiful, wonderful memories.