Thursday, July 22, 2021

A Weekend That Revolved Around The Cone Of Shame

My doggie boy finally got fixed. My mission this weekend was to keep him down and calm. I somewhat succeeded, minus a couple of times he flew out the back door and did laps around the yard as fast as he could. Beyond that, it was a lot of me being in the living room with him, so he would lay down and rest. There were many board games played, one mini spent the night with grandparents, two of them got to go to the farmers marker, and on Sunday afternoon, Dad took them swimming and for ice cream at Black Cat. While I didn't get to do much, the minis sure had a good weekend!

Drugged and so confused about what happened to him. When we first put the cone on him, he wouldn't move. By the next morning, he was running with it on. Six days later and that cone has taken a beating because this dog has zero spacial awareness!

The teenager ate 5 CUPS of oatmeal for breakfast. It's no surprise that most of my paychecks go towards food!

Their farmers market finds included Dutch letters, veggies, fresh pineapple juice (served out of a pineapple), flavored popcorn, and this giant cinnamon roll. Someone woke up enough to beg for a bite before he went back to napping.

I mostly shower in the evenings. Whenever I come out of the bathroom, I peer down our stairs and see this beauty waiting for me. Seeing him with the cone on made me laugh. Also pictured: the hole in the wall, from that beauty one Saturday morning when he decided he couldn't just lurk, he had to come get mom out of bed. That would be fine, but he's not allowed upstairs, the excitement was too much (especially with his small humans chasing him up the stairs), and the next thing we know, the dog's butt went through the wall from his tail wagging so hard.

His face says, "mom, are you eating something without me??!!?"

Game nights were a hit. You can read about our week night family game night here. That should give you an idea how entertaining they can get!