Thursday, July 29, 2021

Olympics Wednesday: Sprinkler Races


It was 100 degrees today. I couldn't make the kids have a regular race when I myself wouldn't run in 100 degree heat! Instead, we got creative. I purchased a new volleyball net for Thursday's Olympic activity and pulled the net down. A sprinkler went in the middle of the yard and our disc golf set served as the halfway point. It was simple: jump over the net, run through the sprinkler, run around one of the disc golf nets, back through the sprinkler, and one last jump over the net. Not running through the sprinkler was an automatic disqualification.

The quickest kid ran the course in 7 seconds, while the last placer ran it in 45 seconds due running away from the sprinkler and running laps around the playset instead! After everyone had a turn, nearly all of the kids chose to stay outside for a few more rounds of individual races, team races, and group races. A few of the kids stayed out for two hours coming up with new routes around the yard.

My favorite pictures are of the kids who attempted to hop over the net, jump over the sprinkler, and those with their arms out in front of them, shielding the water. I got some good laughs looking over the pictures at the end of the day!

I am loving Olympics Week! The kids have had so much fun with it too! Activities have been in the morning and our afternoons have been filled with card games. Shucking corn, more card games (this time Cards Against Humanity Family Edition), and naps rounded out our races day. All of it has been a good (and quite memorable) time.