Friday, July 16, 2021

Boxes, Costumes, And Bars


I've been doing this writing a day for 196 days. I received a message from someone about how I no longer write a lot about daycare, which was a big purpose of the site. Well, first of all, it's my damn life I write about, so I can pick and choose what to share. However, this person was right. I hadn't wrote a lot about daycare, but that's mostly because I've been doing this 10 years. Nearly all of our activities are repeats and have been written about before! Especially during the summer, where all of the bigs are back and ask for their favorites.

But you ask for an update, you got it. We've had costumes out this week, which means lots of extra laundry (due to Covid and Covid precautions in place). Our monthly Universal Yums box is a favorite. I began doing it last summer as a Covid pick-me-up, but it's so loved that I've kept the $40 a month subscription. This week was Greece and it was a bigger hit than last month's, South Korea. Bars for lunches and snacks are still a favorite and I was able to bring them back this summer! We had a pancake bar for lunch, complete with five syrups, M & M's, Enjoy Life chocolate chips, gluten free Oreos, berries (fresh and frozen), bacon bits, and sausage. Most kids opted out of afternoon snack three and a half hours later because they were still full!


The bigs are thoroughly enjoying the "big kid daycare area," also known as the homeschool room. They've been building with little Legos all summer long. The dog isn't a fan when the kids he was raised with, also known as his most favorite humans on Earth, leave him for the basement. Here he waits with his toy in his mouth, hopeful they'll be up any second to play!

Costumes have been a hit. Max goes from helping with the kids (in this case watching them while I prepared lunch) to playing. Please note the Trolls Poppy hair on the floor....that's a kid laying on the costumes. I have no idea what they were playing. It's safer to not ask sometimes!

We learned some random facts about Greece and ate some snacks that are popular in Greece. The bigs pointed out Greece on the world map and gave the littles a lesson about continents. I'm not sure how much the littles listened...they were mostly concerned with getting to the snacking!

The Prickly Pear Turkish Delight was a favorite amongst the kids.

Thick as thieves these feet are! They've been together for 8+ years now!

The pancakes were amazing! Or at least they looked amazing...the kids ate them all!