Friday, December 31, 2021

Goals Met


It's the end of the year and I can say I reached my goals and beyond. I'm a dreamer and this year I dreamed big. I'm ending the year with exactly 365 published blog posts. That may seem silly, but for me it was a goal of writing every day. I wrote well over 365 posts when I decided to participate in a month long writing challenge on the day it began. Thousands of writers had prepped for the day and I randomly started with not even a full idea of what to write. It was an addictive feeling to be honest.

As I sit in front of my computer this New Year's Eve, reflective as usual, I'm feel a mix of pride accomplishment, and amazement. I'm not sure if I've ever felt the same sense of accomplishment I'm feeling today. I did big things in 2021. It was a good, hard year. I've exceeded my goals plenty of times in the past, but this year feels different. With everything we missed out on in 2020, doing things that were once normal to us felt extraordinary. Perhaps those feelings are wandering into my sense of accomplishment for the year? Regardless, I'm pretty proud of myself for reaching my goals. 

They weren't goals of money or even doing big things. They were hard, but attainable. They made me work, they made me grow, they made me stronger. They gave me a chance to make myself a priority, which as a mom and business owner, is an accomplishment in and of itself. Despite being hours away from a new year, I don't have a clear idea of what exactly I want to do with it. Maybe that's a goal? Keep it open, keep my mind free, and see what happens. 

Onwards, hopefully upwards, always finding joy, here's to 2022 and deep gratitude to 2021 for showing me what I'm made of.