Wednesday, December 29, 2021

2022 Goals

Here we are three days away from the new year and I'm still working on this year's goals, not putting much thought into what I'd like to see for and from myself for 2022. As we're cuddled on the couch, I began speaking with my children about what we'd like from the new year. They had a few suggestions, such as "get a second dog," which was promptly squashed, so we changed course a bit. We spoke about the things they'd like to do in the next year. We came up with some good ones, putting our hopes and good vibes out into the universe as we try like hell to make it all happen.

  • finish our Iowa State Parks tour (only 5 left!!)
  • see the northern lights
  • visit NYC
  • put the finishing touches on my book, find an agent or publisher
  • continue writing, take on writing jobs
  • read more books
  • travel more
  • finish the basement, move a kid down in the bedroom, and begin other house projects
  • send the mini back to the classroom
  • take time for myself