Monday, December 27, 2021

Keeping Get Togethers Safe This Season

Who else is getting sick of turning on the TV and hearing all about Covid and the variants??? I'm raising both hands in the air because I'm really ready to be done hearing about the pandemic. However, that doesn't mean our household is fully ignoring it and pretending life is normal. We've done enough pandemic era traveling and attended events to know how to do them as safely as possible. That involves mask wearing and testing. 

This holiday season, we were liberal with our get togethers. We attended Christmas parties, events, and spent plenty of time in public. With strangers. It was odd, refreshing to have a much more normal holiday season, and also exhausting because I've gotten quite used to my hermit lifestyle (thank you very much). We've done at home Covid tests, PCR tests, and rapid tests throughout all of December in order to do the fun stuff safely and not pass anything on to people in our daily lives. Before each of our get togethers this season, we've done Covid tests.

This morning we went for yet another rapid test. As the nurse was going through the procedure, one of the minis stopped her and said, "I know what to do. My mom makes me do this a lot. You can just do it." The nurse laughed so hard she had tears in her eyes and thanked us for the laugh while she did the nasal swabs. That's our life this holiday season: lots of fun, testing along the way, and spreading our chaos to others.