Sunday, December 5, 2021

And We're Off

October was travel month, November was a month of doing, and we're off this week on our next adventure. We're spending a few days enjoying and sights and sounds of Chicago during Christmastime. With dog sitters booked (a last minute change to my sister and parents, who deserve all the credit for helping to make this trip happen), the middle mini planned our trip. We're heading to our favorite Museums, restaurants, a concert, and parks. I'm giddy with excitement for this Christmas trip!

Of course, our last few getaways have all been outdoorsy in nature. This has made packing extremely easy: shorts and tees, swimming suits, sandals, hiking shoes, hiking clothes. Chicago is a different ballgame. I'm laughing at our suitcases. It seems I've packed more for our short time in Chicago than our 20+ days in the Pacific Northwest. Extra shoes, dress clothes, and day time and nighttime wardrobes, our suitcases our FULL. Turns out hiking gear takes up less room than clothes for a fancy concert, in case you needed to know.

This is also our first trip in nearly two years that we'll actually be doing indoor things. So, along with our vaccination card holders, we have to schedule fresh rapid tests for concerts and special events once we arrive in the city. Luckily, Chicago makes it easy with Minute Clinics and drive thru swabbing all around. It's definitely a different vacation style than what we're used to. This trip has been planned perfectly, down to places we need to be and when. Museums and many restaurants are reservation only, which means my planning skills have gotten a workout!