Saturday, December 11, 2021

Holiday Shopping Department Store Style

 As much as I try to get my children out into the world to experience things, there's still things I forget I'd like them to experience. Now, as we all know, large scale department stores have dwindled. I'm not completely sure my children have ever experienced the big department stores in the Chirstmas season. You know, where the whole entire store is decked out, Christmas music blares, Santa has his very own area to impress holiday shoppers. My children have truthfully never had that and I thought nothing of it until we walked the streets of Chicago and passed by Macy's.

Instantly taken by the outdoor decorations on the building and the story of Tip Toe in each window, they oooh'd and awww'd about it. I guess this one had been overlooked. So, we did the only responsible thing and took them into Macy's for some holiday shopping. 

They had questions about Frango mints because apparently they had never even heard of them. The boys questioned why the perfume department smelled up "this whole entire building." They were in awe of the trees, decorations, and especially Santaland. Thankfully, we're passed the age of Santa because that requires a special reservation that is booked solid. 

I got the big department store holiday shopping experience often as a child, being taken to have tea and shop. As we wondered around Macy's, we gazed at wall after wall of ornaments, came across a toy section that we had to peel the children away from, and we had to tell Elizabeth not to touch the purses. I seriously thought the sale's woman's eyes were going to pop out of her head as Elizabeth reached for the most expensive purse in all of Macy's. While it was a quick stop, the minis have now had the experience of big department store shopping. Next on their list is going to Macy's in New York and experiencing it at Christmas time.