Monday, December 6, 2021

I Wear Make Up Again


I have rarely worn make up or my contacts for the last 22 months. I've been enjoying the leggings and glasses life, with my face bare. I can literally count on one hand the number of times I've worn make up since March 2020. That means when I do wear it, I instantly forget I have it on. I'm sure I made people laugh today when they witnessed me pushing up the nonexistent glasses on my face. I'm so used to wearing them that it didn't even register with me that I didn't have them on! At one point I even declared, loudly, "where are my glasses?" 

I was fairing a bit better remembering my make up. I stopped myself just before I rubbed my eyes numerous times throughout the day. It wasn't until the very end of our day, as we sipped hot chocolate, that I reached up and rubbed my forehead, before moving down to my eye. I had my filled in eyebrows and eyeliner all over. A mini or two nearly spit out their hot chocolate when they saw the aftermath. As we were sitting in the dessert bar, I fixed my eye area up with rough napkins, while other tables took in the scene.

No shame here. Happy to keep others entertained just by being me.