Saturday, December 25, 2021

Parent Presents


I had issues getting my sh*t together this holiday season. I usually have a week where we work on daycare parent presents, then I have a few days to get them all together, and then I hand them out. This year, there was no cute set up. I attempted to do a reindeer footprint craft with the kids, but that resulted in tears from one child begging me not to put paint on their feet. I'm not a complete monster and I know not to engage in silly fights with children, so we settled for handprint wreaths. Super easy at first, but when we went to put all of their cut-out handprints together, well, let's just say it was a real test of patience and letting go of the picture-perfect handprint wreaths. Tape went EVERYWHERE. I mean everywhere. I'm fairly certain some of those wreaths went home as square shapes instead of round. But they were adorable.

The minis and I spent a homeschool day, weekends, and evenings to make hot cocoa bombs. Now, at first, I was hoping to let the daycare kids create their own bombs, but these are not exactly little kid friendly to make. Not hard by any means, but tedious and time consuming. Two things young children have trouble with.

We made it work out though. Handprint wreaths one week, cocoa bombs with a little something for the parents the next. Maybe not my best parent presents to date, but not half bad if I do say so myself.