Tuesday, December 28, 2021

A Long Christmas Weekend

We've been celebrating Christmas since the 18th. The last six days have been nonstop Christmas. Christmas Eve morning we ran last minute errands before heading to my aunt's house for a family Christmas. There we ate, talked, listened to the minis singing Cascabeles, opened presents, and made time to look at Christmas lights when we were done with family Christmas.

Magically, I wrapped all of the presents in between errands and family Christmas, so we literally just had to come home and put the last few gifts under the tree. I was able to enjoy an eggnog and whiskey and go to bed. I'm glad I had the sense to go to bed at a decent hour because the minis were up Christmas morning by 5:45! 

Before presents were torn open, we made coffee (yes, even the minis), made sure the dog opened his bone, and we found the pickle ornament in the tree to decide who opened the first present. We were awake as could be, the dog paid zero attention to what the rest of us were doing thanks to the bone, and we finally found the ornament after I completely forgot where I put it in the tree! Then it was finally time for presents. The minis opened tons of Legos, new science kits for homeschooling, books, new Chromebooks, and the biggest surprise of all, a brand new laptop for me.

Elizabeth received her simple coffee maker she asked for after enjoying coffees from our Airbnb's all fall. She decided she didn't like our Keurig and wanted "a real coffee maker."

We exhausted the dog with an early wake up and huge bone. While the minis played with all of their new gifts and I cooked breakfast, Zeus napped. In the afternoon, grandparents stopped by with gifts. However, we failed to get a picture with Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer.

This kid got a huge Harry Potter haul, including this adorable blanket robe and scarf.

The day after Christmas the minis got to build Legos all day, Hubs went to buy half off decorations for next Christmas, and I spent some time at Kava with my sister and cousin. None of us had been here before and it's easily one of my favorite places. The menu has coffees, smoothies, smoothie bowls, waffles, mocktails, and more. The plants and wooden tables provide a calm and soothing atmosphere, which was perfect for our long chats.

Brand new Christmas lights and naps on the couch.

Before our last large family gathering, we were up early Monday morning to get Covid tests done. All negative, we got to come home for coffee, and then spend a few hours with my dad's side of the family. 

It was a great, long weekend with so many celebrations! As exhausted as I was at the end, I was relieved to experience a normal-ish holiday.