Sunday, December 19, 2021

Christmas Slacker

There have been many years where we have hit ALL of the holiday events, we've rented a 15 seat van to take our families to see Christmas lights, gone to special holiday movies at the theaters. There's been pajama parties, baking days, parties with friends and family, adorning our own house with lights, and fitting in as much as we can in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Perhaps it was because nothing like that happened last year, or maybe it's because we spent the beginning of the month celebrating hard in the Windy City, but whatever it is, I feel like a huge Christmas slacker this year.

The outside of our house is dark, no lights to be had. We finally got our Christmas tree last weekend (read about that here). We did one afternoon of Christmas shopping. We've even skipped looking at Christmas lights so far this year. I'm still purchasing my children's gifts and I still can't decide what to get my husband. The presents that have been bought aren't wrapped, although that's not necessarily an unfamiliar thing at this point in the month.

I would love to blame my slacking on being in Chicago and a busy schedule, but I can't. I simply haven't made the time or placed an importance on doing some of our usual musts during the Christmas season. It hasn't ruined our mood or holiday spirit in the least, but it also hasn't felt quite the same. Here we are with mere days until Christmas and we have zero plans to look at Christmas lights, our Christmas crafts are winding down at daycare. It will not surprise me in the least if this year goes down as 'the one where mom slacked.'