Saturday, December 18, 2021

It's Officially Christmas At Our House


There's always that one thing the that makes it feel like Christmas. For some it's listening to Christmas music, or baking holiday, or baking holiday goodies, or wrapping presents. For me it's decorating the house and putting up the Christmas tree. We do the decorating the day after Thanksgiving and we cut our tree down later that weekend or the weekend after. This year, thanks to our Chicago trip, our tree came later. 

The boys went to cut it down at our favorite local tree farm, Walnut Ridge because Elizabeth, the youngest mini, didn't want to go to the tree farm in case the dog got ahold of a deer leg (which is what happened last year). The boys kept sending us pictures of what we call "Charlie Brown trees." They brought home a perfect  tree, which the minis promptly decorated themselves. They wanted no help from mom and dad! 

The tree turned out perfect, even when we have to stick it in the corner of the living room, so it doesn't get trampled by a kid or dog or cat. As soon as the tree was up, lit, and decorated it instantly felt more like Christmas.