Saturday, December 25, 2021

How Many Trips To The Store Can We Make?

 I've shared my need to make lists many times before. I have lists for just about everything: an ongoing list for grocery shopping and certain stores, to do lists, bucket lists, etc. These lists provide a false sense of organization because the truth is, quite a lot of the time I'm a jumbled mess. I've lived and learned enough to know that just because I have something on Monday's To Do List doesn't mean life will cooperate. Living has taught me to be flexible enough that I can roll with the unexpected, which is probably why I'm not bothered when things don't go as planned.

Lately we've been extremely busy between jobs, activities, holiday celebrations and parties, and just day to day life, so many things have been forgotten. Many things like miscalculations in how many sticks of butter or chocolate chips will be needed for holiday baking or how much hand lotion we'd be going through in these cold winter months. This has resulted in A LOT of unplanned trips to grocery stores.

My husband and I have turned it into a joke at this point. There's texts that begin, "guess where you need to stop after work?" Then he has to guess which store he needs to go to. It's been fun....and exhausting. For real exhausting. I keep telling myself we just need to make it through next week and then we'll go back to our twice a week grocery pick ups, quiet-ish schedule, and not playing the how-many-trips-to-the-store-can-we-make? game.