Monday, December 20, 2021

107 Sugar Cookies


Yes, the title of this post is correct. 107 sugar cookies baked and decorated. Thankfully we'll have help eating them! In the past, my mom has baked the sugar cookies and we all come over to decorate them. Since my mom has been having issues with her hip and foot (and therefore, can't spend time on her feet), the boys took over cookie baking. We used a homeschool day to do the baking since it took half of the day. Minus one little mishap with the sugar and flour, the cookies turned out great. 

They followed this recipe. We made two double batches of cookies. Using a combination of large and small cookie cutters, we were able to get around 115 cookies out of it. We obviously broke a few cookies because they're super soft (which helps make them super delicious) and delicate. We'll easily use this recipe again for future sugar cookies, but I really hope we're not making 100+ cookies again anytime soon!

Transport to my parent's house was a bit tricky because all of my storage containers are housing 50+ hot cocoa bombs. We made baggies work though!

Now these cookies are accompanying us to all of our holiday gatherings. We come bearing cookies and negative Covid tests!