Monday, December 13, 2021

Christmas Concert In The City


Let me take you back quickly to December 2019. I cried, literally cried, because my husband and I couldn't make time to get away for a Christmas concert by She & Him. A band we both enjoy, especially their Christmas albums. Those are among my must listens each seasons. When we heard the band was doing a Christmas tour this year, we knew we had to go! Especially because they were stopping in Chicago, a quick, hop, skip, and jump from us (okay, so it's 5+ hours away, but after driving across the country, that seems like nothing!).

Since the minis are homeschooling this year, we were easily able to make this a family event and part of their Christmas present. In order to attend the concert, we had to wear masks, provide vaccination cards, and negative Covid tests. With those easily all checked off the list, we walked into the Chicago Theatre and were immediatley in awe. The theatre has serious Phantom of the Opera vibes! It was absolutely stunning.

The concert was equally as amazing as the performance venue. She & Him sound even better in person and the kids have a new favorite comedian (check out Pete Lee, who opened the show. He was hilarious). We spent three hours laughing and singing along to our favorite Christmas hits, and even some songs from the band's other albums (which I love as well).

The youngest mini bragged to her brother's that this was the second concert we took them to on her half birthday. I realized in 2019 we saw a Christmas concert at the Surf Ballroom as well. Now she's under the impression that every December 7 will be a Christmas concert for us to see. I would be just fine with that!