Monday, December 6, 2021

Back In Restaurants

 The pandemic changed a lot for our family. It's why I write about it constantly. As with so many others, we changed our lifestyle overnight and have been cautious in what we choose to do in public. Prepandemic we made a point to take the minis to all kinds of restaurants each week, to try new food, learn to order for themselves, etc. We loved it, they loved it, and we have tried many delicious meals and local restaurants this way. Of course, that was one thing to change during the pandemic.

The minis haven't sat in a restaurant in 22 months. We added patio dining to our Ok List in the spring, but have stayed away from indoor dining. The middle mini has spoken often about indoor dining once he was fully vaccinated. The top thing on his list was going to restaurants. He actually wanted to sit in a restaurant all day and order the entire menu. This has been spoken about at least once a week for the last 8 months. While we didn't quite give him that option today, we did make a point to eat in restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while we are in Chicago for our Christmastime trip.

The middle mini is one fully happy kid today!

The minis have been watching SNL clips lately and loved the Cheezborger clip, so we obviously had to add Billy Goat Tavern to our must visit list.