Friday, December 24, 2021

Back In The Theater After 2 Years


My kids got to go see Eternals last month, but I stayed home. It had been a full two years since I've stepped foot into a movie theater. My family finally dragged me into a theater last Friday night to see the newest Spiderman film. There were two distinct emotions that night. One was excitement. We chose our favorite local theater, Flix Brewhouse, to watch the movie, so we could get dinner as well. I was excited for the movie, excited to finally be in one of our favorite places, and excited that this establishment made it through the pandemic (they only reopened a few months ago). 

The other distinct feeling was discomfort. It was the first time in two years that I had been in an enclosed space with so many people. I joked afterwards that we just watched a movie with one hundred of our closest stranger friends. I immediately took an extra dose of Vitamin C when I got home and made everyone shower. The pandemic has definitely made me more aware of crowds and gatherings in tight spaces. I'll likely wait a bit for my next theater experience.

Regardless of the excitement and discomfort I felt, my children were thrilled to be at Flix. The youngest ordered the pretezel appetizers for her meal. It comes with two large pretzels and she ate every single bite. At the end of the movie, she couldn't decide if she liked the pretzels or the movie more, while her brother sobbed next to her, stating that was one of the saddest Marvel movies yet.