Saturday, December 4, 2021

Leaving My Fur Baby

 Raise your hand if you got a pandemic puppy? Raises hand wildly.

 We didn't mean to, it just so happens 2020 was going to be our summer to get a puppy. Naturally, we haven't spent much time apart from our dog due to the pandemic. Our children are still homeschooled, I work from home anyway, and any vacations we've indulged in have been dog friendly. Of course, the trip we're about to embark on is not dog friendly. We'll spend days in museums, nights at restaurants, and concerts. So, for the first time since June 2020, we'll be leaving our dog for four days.

I am completely not okay. Let's remember I was the woman who couldn't quite leave her children with anyone and just went ahead and opened up my own daycare. That's not really an option with the dog since the state doesn't allow a children's daycare and a doggy daycare to operate on the same property. Libility reasons apparently. Anyways, while I'm giddy with excitement to leave tomorrow morning, I'm having Homeward Bound feels.

What if my dog thinks we just left him? What if he cries for us the entire time? Yeah, yeah, he's a dog. I get it....but he's my dog. Well, the kid's dog, but my dog because I'm mom and everything in the house is mine (isn't that how it works??). So, on this night when I'm manically packing five humans and one dog, I stop every so often and give the dog hugs. He keeps looking at me like I'm insane, which I fully realize I am. It's not like we don't have great dog sitters. He's staying with my sister, then my parents. He'll get to be with their dogs and play for four whole days. He'll likely be in heaven, as will I am I give my children a tour of the Art Institute for only the second time in their lives. But I'll still worry about my fur baby.