Thursday, December 9, 2021

A Favorite New Memory


Pictured: 4 out of the 5 of us; one mini couldn't stop skating long enough for a picture

I have these special memories of visiting Chicago during Christmastime. I fondly remember a carriage ride through the Gold Coast neighborhood to look at lights, nearly freezing my fingers off because I refused to wear appropriate gloves. I was fifteen, so twenty degree temperatures were the least of my worries. That visit also featured ice skating on Michigan Avenue. At that point in my life, I could ice skate for hours upon hours. Swiftly going in circles, laughing amongst my favorite buildings, the twinkling of Christmas lights surrounding me. The scene similarly played out a couple of years later when I spent spring break in Chicago with two of my best friends, ice skating an afternoon away. Both times were perfect.

I had always hoped to one day have a ice skating adventure in downtown Chicago with my own children. When my minis requested a trip to Chicago for Christmas, we had a booked schedule between museums, the concert, Covid testing prior to the concert (required for the youngest two, who aren't quite considered fully vaccinated for a few more days), and walking our favorite parks. Of course, I was determined to fit in ice skating as well.

As with most places in Chicago, reservations are required ahead. We fit in a quick, one hour skate at Maggie Daly Park after visiting the Art Institute. It was freezing cold, the ice skates dug into our ankles and left red marks, my toes were numb by the end, the minis fell numerous times, I pretty much clung to the side, and it is now my new favorite Christmas memory. 

I've always thought about taking the minis on a Christmas trip, but life has gotten in the way. Since we've been homeschooling, I have stopped making excuses for things and started doing more. All the things. This is one of those things, so simple, yet it left me with warm, fuzzy feelings. After my feet defrosted, that is.