Monday, September 20, 2021

Weekend, Weekend, A Whole Lotta Weekend

While I was busy all day on Saturday with my event (read about it here), the minis spent some quality time with dad. I was informed they watched a movie (at home) and ate "soooo much food" at the World Food and Music Festival. Since Saturday was incredibly busy for all of us, Sunday was our slow down day. We ran errands, enjoyed a homemade breakfast, cleaned, prepped for the week ahead, and had a family game night. Judging by how tired everyone was Sunday evening, I'd say the weekend was a success!

Them: eating a lot of food from all around the world vs. Me: posing with super heroes.

The 13 year old still occasionally pronounces cannon as canyon. I wasn't surprised that he got the answer by the canyon clue!

Sunday dinner requests granted: spaghetti and meatballs, french bread, salads, and apples with caramel dip for dessert.