Saturday, September 4, 2021

Safety, A Car Shortage, And An Impulse Buy


We haven't spoke quite a lot about our recent car accident because the insurance side of things is messy. However, the accident did cause our thinking to change. Two weeks ago, I had a plan. A good, solid life plan. We were going to have our vehicle two more years, then buy a car for the kids, upgrade to a larger family vehicle, and get a pick up truck or something fun as our second vehicle. That was our plan and we were well on our way to making it happen. Then the accident and our plans changed.

Isn't that how life usually does things?? It is for us, at least. 

We walked into our local Toyota dealership this afternoon and walked out three hours later with the last third row vehicle on the lot. That was not in our plans for today. However, I am beyond convinced the only reason we walked away from our accident with only bumps and bruises is because of our vehicle and its safety rating. Between being convinced that we needed a new Toyota and the current car shortage, we decided this was the best impulse buy we could do for the year.

As we sat in the dealership, we learned all the things about the car shortage. While there's the chip issue some car brands are facing, there are supply and production issues as well. There are a shortage of workers in all markets, including the car industry, which means, that car we had our eye on clear in Nevada, may not be here before Christmas. Yes, Christmas time. So, we went with the last car on the lot. 

Now, for my endorsement for Toyota. I am in no way paid to say this, I am just beyond amazed at the customer service and how a large corportation went above and beyond for us today. We have not had a payout from insurance for our totaled vehicle. We still had two years left on our lease. Today, we didn't have a corporation nickle and dime us in any way. Instead, they looked at what they could do for us and did it. Not only is the safety of a vehicle a top priority, but our entire experience with the company has made us loyal Toyota customers for life. Also, if you're in the market for a new vehicle, get to a dealership NOW rather than later. The car shortage is more severe than I knew or thought. It's fairly obvious that used vehicle prices are ridiculous, but new vehicles are being affected too. This could last well into next year (but hopefully not longer).

Tonight we'll go to bed thankful for today and that we were alive for it.