Monday, September 6, 2021

Living On A Houseboat Part 3

Life on the houseboat was great. The cabin itself felt cramped a time or two, but we honestly didn't spend a lot of time on the actual houseboat. Most of our waking hours were spent on our beach, the kayak, and tubes. The minis spent the first hour or two doing school work, while Hubs and I sipped coffee and hiked with the dog in the forest. Yes, it was as wonderful as it sounds!

School work on the houseboat looked different than usual.

Zeus LOVED houseboat naps, especially when we napped with him!

We joked that the dog would take himself on walks around the boat. Several times a day, Zeus would randomly get up and trot circles around the boat, then go back to laying down.

The great sand castle city. It featured caves and tunnels, a mote, and several different towers. This was only the beginning of it. The oldest mini worked on it all day on our last day, with the other two popping in to help every now and then.

We kayaked through the rice fields. Well, attempted to. It was a very rocky area and the bottom of the kayak got caught on rocks, so we had to push our way out. The kayak didn't tear and we got out after a lot of paddling!

Instead of the usual, "who left their shoes in the living room??" I had to ask, "who left their shoes on the shoer??" hundreds of times. At once point I even asked, "whose swim trunks are laying in the sand?"

The minis eagerly awaited the stars as they played with their stars app on their phone. Unfortunately, on our last night on the boat, the sky was cloudy, so we didn't get great views. 

The day of our departure, the boat had to be returned at 9 a.m. It took us just over an hour to make it from about the halfway point in the lake to the docks at Kinsey Houseboats. We unloaded the boat and packed up our car, paid our final bill, and that was the end of our houseboat adventure. The two yougest minis have already asked when we can live on a houseboat again ("but a bigger one this time, mom"), while Hubs and the oldest have requested a lake house instead. I could go either way, but we definitely know that the quiet lake life is for us!