Tuesday, September 28, 2021

A Quick Halloween Art Project

Promptly after writing yesterday's 'I'm not decorating' post (read that here), I decided we needed something. Something simple and quick. Big plus if we could knock out a homeschool subject with it. Thus, we went with window painting for art class. The minis painted our side front window and all of the windows in the daycare room. 

Window paint is simple to make: paint, a little bit of water, and a squirt or two of dish soap. I'm sure there are exact measurements of the mixture out there, but as with most things, I just winged it. The window paint washes off easily. So easily that the minis have requested to do window painting for each holiday. I don't mind one bit, especially when daycare kiddos show up and squeal with delight at the paintings!

Harrison was thrilled with his bloody handprints idea, while the dog got caught under a stool trying to "help" with the painting. Not pictured is the oldest, who painted the outlines for all of the ghosts and all of the headstones.