Thursday, September 23, 2021

One More Week And Under-prepared

We have exactly one more week until we set out on another epic road trip adventure. This time it's is a solo trip with the minis and dog. I'm not exactly nervous, I just want to be prepared. There's a lot to think about with no co-pilot to think of the things I forget. Luckily, my minis are at an age where they're actually helpful and can do things as well, so that's not the part I'm worried about.

I'm most worried about the packing stage. I'm the only one that knows exactly what we'll need throughout our 20 day adventure. If I left it up to the minis to pack themselves, someone would forget pants or underwear or something basic. So, it's on me to make sure everyone has an appropriate amount of undergarments.

I thought I was doing great. In July, I ordered new hiking boots, winter coats, bear spray, brand new fall and winter clothes for everyone, and all the things we'd need for the mountains. I made sure tennis shoes fit everyone, hiking gear was up to par, all of it. Here I was thinking, 'gosh, I'll wait until Sunday or Monday night to pack and we'll be set!'

I was honestly proud of myself. I even made a freaking packing list for each of us. Then, I took a peek at the weather forecast in the numerous places we're visiting. I rubbed my eyes as I stared at my computer screen. Our first stop: 80+ degrees. Our second and third stops: high to low 70's. Fourth stop: high 60's. It's not until the last leg of our trip that we'll even possibly need all of those brand new fall and winter clothes I purchased.

What was I thinking??!!? Now I'm at the stage of abondoning the packing lists, going through summer clothes, and making sure everyone has enough jackets for the trip. Good grief. I was feeling incredibly confident and now it's shattered. Why did I not think about how the weather was going to be? In my mind I thought 'fall trip to mountains' and got all winter gear. It's not like I haven't traveled around the country this time of year! It's not like I haven't stepped foot out of my own front door in early October and known what the weather was like. I know it can be warm days and cool nights, but for some reason, my brain told me winter gear.

I'm shaking my head at myself as I procrastinate on packing because now I have no idea what to pack! Wish me luck because this could just throw me over the edge for a few days. Eventually, I'll look back on this rant and think, "geez, anxiety much??" But until that time, I remain irritated at my not-so-common sense and for giving me a forecast I wasn't expecting to see. Jerks.