Thursday, September 9, 2021

Homeschool Is On Fire


My children discovered a classic while we were on vacation. Now, they've made it their mission to learn the song and it's meaning. What song am I taking about? We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel, of course. Despite listening to Billy Joel literally their entire lives (because, hello, I am their mother), the middle mini just discovered the song and it's been on repeat for the last week. 

Since the minis naturally began questioning the lyrics and what they meant, I decided to turn it into a homeschool project and learning opportunity that's fun for all of us. I could have easily made my own worksheets and done my own curriculum for this, but instead I hopped onto and bought something that was already together for the small price of $1.50. 

The minis will learn what each word in the verses mean by looking up what happened in that year or decade. and writing a brief explanation of each event. When we got to the line 'trouble in the Suez,' the kids couldn't believe that a ship got stuck in the Suez Canal back in 1956. I almost spit my drink out when I heard them say that!

The most exciting part of the whole project: they get to write their OWN lyrics for 1990 - today. The oldest is worried the last two years is going to make it too long, but they're still working on the whole Clinton sex scandle thing, so we've got a while before we have to worry about 2020.