Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Pimple Popper Moment

 [Gross details ahead. ]

I'm one of those "weirdos" (although I think it's completely normal) that loves to watch pimple popping videos. Often times, after the kids are in bed, I fire up Instagram and pathetically watch the videos Dr. Pimple Popper posts. For some reason I've never seen the show, but I definitely stalk that Gram page. 

About a year ago, I felt something on the top of my head. Since we spend so much time hiking and in the woods, I booked it to the doctor to make sure it wasn't a tick embedded in my scalp. Instead, I was told it was a pilar cyst and it could be removed if it got bigger. Well, I had exactly nothing done to it, but yesterday it began hurting.

Before I went into urgent care, I asked my wonderfully, amazing, stellar husband to take a look at it. He's a real trooper when it comes to the things I ask of him.

"It looks like I could pop it," he responded, as he held a flashlight to my head. 

"Try it," I said. 

What came next was unbelievable. One little squeeze and contents that had been hidden in my head for I don't know how long, came out forcefully. It was at that time my husband walked away to grab a tissue. I caught a glimpse of his face and he truly looked as though he was going to vomit on top of my head. I wouldn't have blamed him. I even made him show me the cyst he wiped away from my head. He wouldn't look at me the rest of the night after I took a short sniff in the cyst's direction because, well, curiousity. 

Now I begin a new day with a lighter head and a husband who is thoroughly grossed out.

My proud moment of "that came out of me."