Wednesday, September 29, 2021

When Music and Social Studies Combine

 As my children's teacher, I absolutely LOVE when I can combine subjects. For example, the youngest is learning about the five animal groups in science. To be sure she has the groups down, their traits, etc. I had her create an animal group book in which she had to draw pictures of the animlas and details about each group. Boom! Science and Art combined. That's exactly what we did with Social Studies last week. 

The middle mini has been obsessed with the song We Didn't Start The Fire and had sooooo many questions about the lyrics. I wrote a few weeks ago about how the project would go for the minis (read about that here). Tonight, we finally recorded their lyrics for 1990 - today. Judging by their inability to keep to the beat of the music, we may need to spend a bit more time in music class, but their lyrics are (in my opinion) spot on.

Hubble telescope, Cold War no more, Freddie Mercury, texting and the Dream Team. Al Gore, must see TV, EU, Amazon, Mandela preaches, O.J. Simpson's bloody glove, Oklahome, clone sheep, Facebook, Harry Potter, streaming, Princess Di, Presidential sex lie


Google, Columbine, hanging chads, Putin, 9/11 is the news, detention camp, War in Iraq, London bombing, sexting, Katrina, Pluto, iPhone, Obama, Michael Jackson, oil spill

Bin Laden, Snowden, Brexit, Trump wins, Irma, Pelosi, Hong Kong, End Game is the thing


Australia burns, Covid hits, Kobe's gone, George Floyd, missile launch, RBG, killer hornets, attack the Capital, wildfires, Taliban rules Afghanistan once again


Above: getting ready for the performance by slapping and pinching their cheeks. Apparently they saw it in a movie. Below: taking a bow.