Friday, September 10, 2021

Labor Day Weekend


Labor Day weekend involved a lot of food, drinks, and new cars. On Friday, we stopped by the dealership to talk about our next vehicle and wound up walking out two hours later with a brand new Highlander. On Saturday, we hiked (read about that here) and built with Legos. On Sunday, we relaxed and made homemade enchiladas with family. On Monday, we ate those homemade enchiladas and other wonderful Mexican food with family. We were stuffed, happy, and tired from our weekend!

Our newest beverage of choice. I actually went into our local grocery store before we left for vacation and grabbed a couple of varieties of Monaco's. We drank them on the lake last week and loved them, so we grabbed a large variety pack for the long weekend.

It's sooo embarrassing when mom and dad kiss!

The minis love making enchiladas, although Elizabeth doesn't eat them. Max made himself a huge enchilada and paused the rolling to eat it.

Max wouldn't stop eating long enough for a picutre!

Another new, yummy drink for the weekend.

Yes we just returned from a vacation, but the countdown is on until our next vacation! Only three weekends left until we leave for the great fall adventure, so we're savoring our weekends in Iowa. We'll be enjoying more state parks and some of our fall favorites. I can't wait!