Sunday, September 19, 2021

Journal Entries From My Children


I'll be honest, I wasn't as gung ho about this homeschool year as I was last year. I'm tired. It's been a long 18+ months and I'm very ready for a normal to begin for us. But it can't, not yet, at least. So, I've been trudging along. I can't even say anything negative about it because my three are thriving! They have been amazing at this homeschool stuff. They've finished their lessons by noon each day and ASKING to do other learning things in the afternoon. This is one aspect of homeschool I will miss (eventually).

Today, I was downstairs in the homeschool room tidying up for our week ahead. My youngest had been playing school and had written journal entries on the white board, correcting puncuation in a different color. I didn't pay attention at first, but I really didn't want to dust, so I read what was written. I realized she had copied their journal entries from the end of March 2020. The beginning of the pandemic for us. 

Puzzled, because I hadn't seen these entries since that time, I inquired about where she had found them. "In that white binder there in your teaching stuff," she responded. I opened it up and was greeted to 45 journals from my children. All about how they love homeschooling. Likely because it was a brand new thing for them, but honestly, I needed to hear their words of affirmation at this moment. 

Dear Mother,

Social studies is my overall favorite. Hopefully we can do social studies every day. I love that you are making us learn on our long spring break. Now I don't miss school.

Love, Max

P.S. Random Words


Dearest Mom,

I feel ok about being homeschooled, but I want to stay home so that I'm not bunched with people and then get sick and I don't really want to travel right now even though I really wanted to. I'm trying to stay healthy so I don't get sick. My favorite thing today was social studies. I can't wait for the next day because I really love being in hooooooooommmmmmeeeeeeeschoooooolllllllll.

Your lovely Harrison



I feel good, but I feel bad for the people who have the coronavirus. I would like to be homeschooled, but even I wouldn't. Mom is a good teacher, but even Miss Smith. I miss her. Today I liked doing continents. Can I be done for the day now?



Dear Mother,

I feel I should stay home, but I also want to go to school or go to the store. We should be free right now and do stuff we want to do. I miss real school, but mom is a good teacher. I hope I don't get Covid-19. I wish everyone stays healthy.


Max S.

P.S. Become a preschool teacher


Dear Mamacita,

I really love to be homeschooled. This morning we did a hike and put happy rocks out for people to find. In social studies we got to color South America and name the capitals. Life is fun these days. I win.



Now, I swear I had opened this binder a dozen times since March 2020 because it's where I keep certain worksheets that we come back to for homeschool topics. Yet, not once did I notice these journal entries, just quietly making a home in the front pocket. I'm certain the universe knew I needed something to keep me going and delivered big time.