Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Going To A Concert In A Pandemic

I bought tickets to see AJR back in spring when things looked like they were really turning around pandemic-wise. I was excited up until the last few weeks, when I considered giving our tickets away. We're still what you call "Covid conscience" and indoor things aren't our jam at the moment. Especially since my two unvaccinated children would be attending with me (let's just put this out there: I bought the tickets for them, I'm just the chaperone). However, AJR released protocols for their concerts and I felt much more at ease with everything.

The youngest two (who aren't old enough to be vaccinated yet) got their negative Covid tests, the oldest mini and I packed our vaccination cards, we carried extra masks, and away we went to the minis first indoor concert! It was pointed out to me earlier in the day that we had only taken them to outdoor concerts up until tonight.  

The opening acts were good, although Sasha Alex Sloan had a soothing voice that could have put me to sleep if I had a bed. At that point, it was nearly my bedtime, so I got drowsy quick! However, AJR kicked it up. I was very impressed by their performance. It wasn't simply them up on stage singing their hit songs. They had an entire act together that involved intricate lighting and effects. I didn't know many of their songs, but I was very entertained throughout the entire 60 minutes they played.

Now, I know people are curious as to how the Covid protocols went and if it was a pain. I can easily say it was not! They had advanced screenings that you could go to the box office ahead of time and then right to the ticket line. We couldn't make that work, so we arrived when doors opened at 6 p.m. thinking it would take awhile. However, the venue was incredibly organized and had (obviously well trained) security people going through the lines, looking over the vaccination cards and negative tests, and stamping people's hands that they were good to go inside. When we went through security checks and ticket scanning, I noticed the people at the gates looking at our hands for the stamps. It was quick, painless, and a super easy process that didn't add any additional time. 

I told them to smile with their eyes. This is what I got.

The only thing I disliked was that masks were not required. We (my kids, myself, and the people we went with) all wore them and many of those around us had them on, but it was pretty hit or miss. I wasn't uncomfortable though, which I thought I may have been since it's our first large crowd outing since the beginnning of 2020. Overall, I was pleased with how the night went and how things were handled pandemic-wise. Of course, all protocols were set by the performers (in this case AJR) and is not a venue protocol. We likely won't be seeing any concerts again soon unless we know the safety protocols are in place.