Sunday, September 12, 2021

Now We're Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

We are back. Life continues as "normal," or at least what has become our normal. We have a few weeks before pictures of mountains, roads, and oddities fill the feeds. A few normal weeks. We're getting into activities, seeing family and friends, and getting ready for our longest road trip adventure yet. This week is all about getting into a routine, figuring out one that works for all of us (daycare included), and settling in.

It's been years since I've had a young group of daycare kiddos. I've had bigs around for 18+ months. Through the virtual learning, homeschooling, and summer months, the bigs have been a HUGE help with the littles. From learning how to change diapers, to helping wash hands, to wiping dirty tables, to cleaning up messy activities, they've been around to eagerly lend a hand. I've been beyond lucky, so on this Friday night, I find myself tired.

Tired because I forgot what it's like to do every little thing myself for nearly ten hours a day. Yes, there are a few bigs around and they do help out (without me ever asking, usually), but not every moment of the day as they had been the last year and a half. It's an adjustment. I really miss the conversations with them, hearing their thoughts and worries. I truly love the young stages of the kiddos I have, but it's a lot of physical work!

So, I'm settling in. Adjusting to this season of life and using a heating pad on my back while I'm at it!