Wednesday, September 29, 2021

All The Good Lucks and Wishes


Tomorrow is the day. It's reason I decided to homeschool (at least) one more semester, so I could impart amazing memories and learning opportunities into my children. It's what I've saved 8 months for, so I could be sure we were financially sound before taking nearly a month off of work. Tomorrow we leave for our fall road trip. It will mark the first time we've extensively traveled during the fall (minus that one quick trip to New Mexico during fall break; that was pretty epic).

It also marks the first time this mom is doing a cross country road trip as a solo parent. It will be me, three kids, and our pandemic pup. Every issue will be mine to solve. Every encouraging word will be spoken by me. Every meltdown will be up to me to put it back together. It's not like I haven't done big things with my three in tow. I have, I do all of the time.

But this is different. This is one of our epic trips and it lies completely on my shoulders. That's a lot to take. I've had plenty of panicky moments the last few days, as I packed and worried it wouldn't all fit in our Highlander (spoiler: just barely). I even had a moment of 'maybe we shouldn't go' recently. I've had to talk myself down a lot, but it's not like me to just quit. No, no. This is what we're meant to do. So I'm gonna do it. 

It may not be perfect, I'm hopeful it will be wonderful, there will likely be meltdowns, and I'm leaving plenty of times for breaks, but we're doing it. We're headed for a new adventure that (hopefully) we'll learn and grow from. I'm excited and anxious. I'll still gladly take all of your good lucks and wishes. I have a feeling a may need them!