Saturday, October 2, 2021

A Little Bit Of Me Time

A moment of peaceful reflection this morning while I sipped coffee and enjoyed the view out of the living room windows.

Remember that goal I set out to achieve in 2021? The one where I write every day? Well, I'm still doing it. I'm still accomplishing it. While I may not get everything published on the blog daily, I AM writing daily and posting when I can. Even when I'm on a solo parent vacation with three minis and a pup. Although, today it was used as time for myself.

The theme of our Airbnb is "meditative relaxtion," so that's exactly what we've achieved while here. We've taken it easy, the minis did school work in peace, we hiked the trails surrounding us, and while the minis enjoyed the backyard garden, I took some me time to type out what I've written the last few days. It's mostly just reflections on traveling.

I'll never speak ill of Western Nebraska again. I've been to over half of the states in this country and I have more than learned that each state has it's own beauty.

Gas has ranged from $2.70 to $4 per gallon so far this trip. I can't say I was thrilled to pay $3.90 at a station that was literally right next to an oil field. I'm also silently panicking that shortages are going to hit while we're making our way across the country. I am not equipped to handle that shit, I can promise you that.

The dog is in heaven. He doesn't have to compete with my husband for love and attention. He's fine with the kids, but it's a giant pissing contest between my husband and the dog. 

9+ hours of drive time plus stops is too much. Noting that for the return trip home. Under 6 hours at a time is ideal.

Having older kids rocks. Traveling solo with kids hasn't been as nervewrecking due to the minis being older. I've enjoyed every part of it so far, even those incredibly long days in the car.