Monday, October 11, 2021

24 Hours In Idaho


Idaho was a crazy time. We arrived in the state Sunday afternoon after an interesting driving through Nevada. We had zero cell service as we drove through Nevada, so as we rolled into Twin Falls, I was greeted by text messages from the bank about fraud on my account. So, the minis, dog, and I enjoyed a relaxing night at the hotel after visiting Shoshone Falls. Which means our Monday was INSANE.

First, let's talk about Shoshone Falls. As Harrison said, "somebody forgot to turn them on." I laughed because there wasn't much else to see there. We did enjoy the Snake River area a bit instead.

Her nightly conversations with her dad are highlights for me. Also, a bit terrifying if they're any indication of what her teenage years will be like!

All three minis wound up in one bed because the dog and mom are bed hogs.

Monday's adventure for the pup took him to doggy daycare. He loved it! Monday's adventure for the humans took us to the bank for new debit cards and to Craters of the Moon National Monument. We cannot recommend this park enough! It's miles and miles and miles of lava fields from volcano eruptions in the area thousands of years ago. While Bonneville Salt Flats looked like white snow in the distance, Craters of the Moon looked like black fields amongst farmland and mountains. It was like being in different world as we drove into the park.

The park is not dog friendly (hence the reason for doggy daycare) for many reasons. We were able to climb one of the volcanos that erupted and caused the lava fields, hike a trail, and explore a lava tube. Since we were pressed for time, we did everything quickly, but still managed to thoroughly enjoy our time there. It's a park I'd definitely return to!

The lava rock is fragile and can't be walked on at all. Instead, there's paved trails all around to use and hike on. 

We picked the furry one up after our lava field adventure. We received a glowing report on our sweet dog. They even had him in training lessons all day (with other dogs) and had him walking off leash to us in the lobby. Naturally, as soon as he saw us, he lost his shit and his mind. He ran to me, jumped on me, and the ran across the lobby to a food cart someone was pushing to feed the other dogs. I wanted to dog mom die!

We made a busy day even busier with a quick stop for gas, then onto Boise for dinner at The Habit with family. Naturally, we were so busy eating and talking that I didn't take any pictures of said dinner, but it was a great night and rejuvinated me to drive into Oregon before getting a few hours of shut eye.