Sunday, October 3, 2021

Exploring Western Nebraska

There's a road trip memory that sticks in my mind. We were coming home from Colorado, driving through Western Nebraska, and I declared from the backseat, "Nebraska is going to be the death of me!!" That was after I made the joke that a small group of trees in the middle of a corn field was their National Forest. After spending two days driving through and exploring Nebraska, I can say that we love Western Nebraska! 

I'll admit, I think of corn fields, flat prairie lands, and grasslands when I think of the state directly to our Iowa's West. I was shocked by W.N.'s unique geological features and huge hills. It's interesting how those hills become mountains as you get into Wyoming. After perfecting, or lack there of, our selfies, we began to our main destination in NE, and our first stay on our big fall road trip, Gering (directly outside of Scotts Bluff National Monument and a few miles away from the town of Scotts Bluff). To break up the drive, we made a stop in Kearney, NE to tour Fort Kearney.

It's a simple stop, but the minis had fun exploring the fort. The dog got to befriend a horse, and we stretched our legs on the trails around the land. 

Bathroom art at a small gas station in nowhere Nebraska.

As always, it takes a few tries before mom says, "this is as good as it's gonna get."

This horse watched us the entire time and walked along the fence to be as close to us as possible. We finally figured out she wanted Zeus, so we took Zeus over to say hi. No pictures because things got crazy trying to control a 90 lbs. dog from running into the fence to be closer to the horse.

They were so excited that I "booked the Rose Bud motel." They made sure we got plenty of pictures to remember our stay at this simple roadside motel.

We arrived at Scotts Bluff National Monument before 9 a.m. While it was chilly, it was not cold enough for winter coats, but the minis have brand new coats and have been dying to wear them. So, we hiked the Oregon Trail around the monument in winter coats.

 All the props to my oldest mini, who took most of these pictures!