Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Dancing Through A Pandemic


We have tried as much as possible to use the pandemic to focus on good things. I have always told and shown my children that in order for things to happen, good or bad, you are the one that has to make them happen. The pandemic showed they've been listening to that line. They've used the last 20 months to better themselves, challenge themselves, and do things they've wanted to do. This has involved trying out new hobbies, watching new shows and movies, listening to new music, etc. 

One of their new things is watching Dancing With The Stars. My least favorite thing is reality television, so I rarely watch. However, their dad is the real star and every Monday night, he tunes in with them. This led to the youngest two dreaming of acquiring new dancing skills. They're already in dance classes, so they've upped their TV watching to studying the dances and practicing them. Each and every week.

I've caught them practicing in the backyard, on the playground near our house, in our driveway, while we hike, and on rainy Sundays when they thing no one is watching them.

I feel like the end of this pandemic mess is getting closer and closer. At the end, these two can say they've dance their way through a pandemic and came out better for it.