Sunday, October 31, 2021

Daycare Halloween


With a younger crowd at daycare, holiday celebrations are a bit different. A little more laid back, less planning for me, but fun for the kiddos old enough to actually participate. We kept our Halloween celebration simple: pajamas, Halloween movies (yes, this meant we watched Boofest for probably the hundredth time this year), a few rounds of pumpkin bowling, cupcakes, and numerous rounds of the Find It game. My favorite part of it all was when my three, who were contently doing their school work in the homeschool room, caught wind of what was happening suddenly joined in the party too!

Cupcakes and decorations courtesy of the minis.

Nothing like a two year old hulk in a dress looking for clues and a dog, not dressed up, who sleeps through the games.

The pumpkin bowling had cut outs colored by the kids earlier in the week. We used a plastic bat (that has been hanging on the bathroom door all month) for our Find It object. Once again, the Find It game was all the rage.