Sunday, October 3, 2021

A Drive Through Southern Wyoming


We've driven through northern and central Wyoming, but this is the first drive through Southern Wyoming for us. Coming from Scotts Bluff, NE we made a stop in Cheyenne and then for a hike at Curt Gowdy State Park (just outside of Cheyenne). Southern Wyoming looks a lot like Western Nebraska until you get closer to the Utah border, when mountains come into view. The numerous sunflower fields took us by surprise! I also can't say that we didn't have a little bit of travel planning regret as we passed signs for turn offs to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Despite being on I-80 through the state, it felt very desolate. The state park was our one big stop for the state.

I had only planned for a quick stop, pee, hike, pee, and back on the road, but there were soooo many hiking trails in the park that we wound up hiking 4+ miles to get to Hidden Falls. It added on a couple of extra hours to our day, but we all agreed the hike was worth it!

This trail had it all: climbing, rock scrambling, hot sun, shaded colorful trees, a creek, a waterfall. It was definitely our favorite kind of trail to hike! We also heard rattlesnakes in the grasses and we were skepitcal about the caves since the park has mountain lions. Halfway through the hike I realized we were also in bear country, but we came across zero wildlife (thank goodness).

Since we had the extra long hike, we arrived after dark in Ogden, Utah. We still managed to view a beautiful sunset on the road and enjoy the mountains (in our Airbnb's neighbrhood) by starlight.