Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Pumpkin Carving Day

Now that the minis are older pumpkin carving sure has changed. No longer do we strive to do fun, cutesy pumpkins, as we constantly say, "watch the knives!" This year I most definitely uttered the words, 

"pick up the knife and help me!" 

Life with bigger kids is definitely different. I'm still getting used to it. At the middle minis insistence, we went dark with pumpkin carving. We have a stabbed in the eye pumpkin and a pooping it's brains out pumpkin. He was sooo proud of his ideas. The other two helped with scooping the pumpkins out, separating the seeds, and dying the guts brown for the poop and red for the eye blood. 

Gone are the days of watching Curious George Boofest during Halloween festivities. Instead, we watch Psycho on repeat, come up with ideas for our very last pumpking (still undecided), and do some painting. 

As the norm these days, the dog is the most eager to help mom.