Monday, November 1, 2021

Beggars Night Is In The Books

In Iowa we have this weird thing called Beggar's Night, where trick or treating is done in nearly all cities and towns in Iowa on the 30th. I grew up sincerely confused about when exactly Halloween was. I've made sure my children know what day Halloween actually falls on, but trick or treating the night before makes for a rather dull Halloween Day. This year was much the same.

All minis had Halloween parties to attend on the 30th, so Beggar's Night looked different than other years. The oldest was off with friends, watching scary movies. The youngest two were at their planned Halloween party with neighborhood friends. Their first plan didn't involve trick or treating, however, they decided to give trick or treating a go. Luckily, we have a plethora of costumes on hand, so we were well prepared for any scenario.

Beggar's Night for Hubs and myself was...well, boring. With all kids off on their own, we sat and passed out candy. The most exciting thing was when we stopped by the neighbors to hang out and help with the kid's party. Then it was home to bed. Gone are the days of mad costume prep, meltdowns over bizarre things, tired legs from trick or treating, and then rushing home so bedtime wouldn't be missed. I can't say I missed that mess, but I also am not quite ready for the boringness of sitting around waiting for children to get home.

I wore some festive run to the grocery store. I realized I only had a St. Patrick's Day mask with me.

Getting make up done by friends. He wanted to be a dead person. We determined he looked more like a dead panda, but whatever. It got him candy and that's all he cared about.

Poor Zeus was a wreck. He didn't understand why he couldn't be out with the trick or treaters and was stressed. I gave him a pumpkin to chew up as a treat/distraction. It didn't last long before he was back at the front window barking and whining at kids. Then he was stressed because all of the kids were gone all night for sleepovers so he was stuck with mom. Talk about a stressful night!

A couple of our neighbors down the street had bubble fog  machines. They made the entire neighborhood foggy! The dog needed a walk, so we got to check it out. There's a really good possibility we already purchased said fog machine for next year.

This beer was fantastic! This is also how I supervise children's Halloween parties.