Tuesday, November 9, 2021

All Vaccinated

 This is a huge milestone for our family. As of yesterday morning, all members of our household are vaccinated against Covid. The two youngest will be considered fully vaxxed by mid-December. There were many happy tears shed! I feel as though this is the beginning of the end. We are looking forward to enjoying a normal Christmas and holiday season with our extended family and friends (who are all fully vaccinated as well). It's an amazing feeling!

Doing good, doing good, doing...ope! That hurt. There were zero tears however and she's still excited for her second shot so she can be "fully vaccinated!"

One kid wouldn't open his eyes and the other temporarily acted as though her arm was broken. That changed when we took them grocery shopping afterward and let her pick out whatever she wanted. As with the other age groups, the kids had to wait 15-20 minutes after their shot to make sure they were okay. Luckily, the pharmacy we went to was in a grocery store, so we got some of our shopping out of the way while we waited.

I don't yet know how this will change how our life currently is. It's been a long twenty months, but I imagine will take some time dipping our toes back into life. We're most looking forward to enjoying luxeries such as movie theaters and restaurants.