Thursday, November 11, 2021

Random Wednesday Thoughts

There's a new Clifford movie on Paramount+. Good thing we subscribe to every app ever and can watch it.

It's raining and dreary. I drank herbel calming tea instead of coffee this afternoon. Now my ass is dragging and it's too late in the day to grab a cup of coffee or I'll be up all night. I think this is classified under old people problems. 

We can't tell the leaves apart from piles of dog poop. The kids want to rake leaves and jump in them. This is what the CDC would consider a high risk activity. Not recommended, but the kids will probably still do it.

Thank goodness the kids are cooking dinner tonight because I so definitely do not want to. Picture of their stuffed shells and cheese, salad, and french bread pictured above. The bread is not homemade. I don't think I can manage that with them.

The sun sets by 5 p.m. now. I'm having a difficult time with it. I feel ready for bed by 7 p.m. despite not even being tired and I'm pretty much useless after 4 p.m. I absolutely despise it; longer days again can't come soon enough.

I fell asleep writing and failed to finish this post, so Wednesday's thoughts are now Thursday's thoughts as well. Then, I got involved in a book, so Wednesday's thoughts turned into Thursday's thoughts turned into Thursday night's thoughts. That's how we roll around here.